"Well-researched and riveting, HONOR BEFORE GLORY is a    
  stirring tale of how Japanese American soldiers disregarded 
  hatred, distrust, and overt racism to serve the nation with 
  courage, dignity, and distinction. A page-turner with both the 
  depth and emotional punch."
   —Stephen Harding, New York Times Bestselling Author  
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"As medical director of the Army of the Potomac during the American Civil War, Jonathan Letterman made important 
 innovations in the battlefield evacuation and treatment of wounded men that changed the history of military medicine.  With sensitivity and insight,Scott McGaugh presents the story of this fascinating figure and his legacy, which has saved
 uncounted thousands of lives of soldiers wounded in many wars."
                                                         —James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-Winning author of Battle Cry For Freedom
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  "Scott McGaugh has written a fantastic book on the history of the American medical system . . . You can't help coming 
    away stunned at the achievements of the frontline military corpsmen and medical teams, and this book is a much 
    deserved homage to their service."
           —David A. Galli, Civil War News
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   Based on more than 300 interviews with Midway sailors who served aboard America's longest serving carrier between
   1945 and 1992, readers of Midway Magic join the crew, experiencing these historic accomplishments alongside the 
   men who were there.
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