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It is a privilege assisting Pearl Harbor survivors at every 
December 7 remembrance ceremony on Midway. 
Sneak Preview of Honor Before Glory
Here is an excerpt from my next took (Da Capo Press / Perseus Books Group), the true story of a remarkable WWII rescue mission by a Japanese-American unit commanded by white officers in a segregated army, a regiment that became the most-decorated unit of its size in the entire war.
Surgeon in Blue, Jonathan Letterman, the Civil War doctor who pioneered battlefield care, is a riveting biography of an obscure outpost surgeon who made battlefield survival possible and whose legacy extends to the battlefields of today. Reviews Here!

Battlefield Angels, Saving lives under enemy fire from Valley Forge to Afghanistan, (excerpt) tells the stories of courageous and compassionate young men and women to race into enemy fire to save lives.  Osprey Publishing.  Time Magazine Interview

USS Midway: America's Shield

Written specifically for parents, young adults and schools.  Featuring more than 20 photographs, this is the collective biography of mostly teenagers who influenced latter 20th century world affairs. 

Midway Magic (excerpt) is based on more than 300 interviews, documenting the extraordinary 47-year odyssey of the 20th century's longest-serving U.S. Navy aircraft carrier.  A naval aviation pioneer, it once was the largest ship in the world for a decade.  The average age of the 175,000 who served aboard Midway was only 19!

Midway Memories (excerpt, second excerpt) is a collection of rarely-seen photos, most taken by USS Midway sailors.  They are coupled with short essays of the USS Midway's accomplishments as an active-duty carrier and as the USS Midway Museum in San Diego.